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Joel Harris in 1973 (Mauritania)
Photo courtesy of David Cortner Photography.

"Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt"

Our standard for astronomical travel is firmly rooted in the vision statement quoted above.

Today, you the traveling public, have many choices when selecting with whom you entrust your time, money, and energy, when trekking thousands of miles to immerse yourself in the Moon's umbra.


Twilight Tours Inc., with over 30 years of global travel experience, leaves no doubt in our clients' minds: when you elect to join our tour, you can be certain that every detail of your eclipse tour experience will be handled. From simple amenities such as providing all tour members with free Mylar TM filter material for their optical and visual needs, to our information-packed newsletters furnished well before your tour leaves the U.S., we will take care of you.


Moreover, we have achieved an outstanding rate of seeing totality. Since our start in 1984, we have scored a 95 percent success rate of observing totality. This doesn't come as a matter of "luck" or chance. We know our business. We "do the homework" that will maximize the probability of seeing what you journeyed for: the most awe-inspiring natural event observable on Earth - a total eclipse of the Sun. A prime reason for our success? Twilight Tours is owned and operated by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable eclipse "chasers" in the world.

"I have loved seeing the world through eclipse trips with Joel! He caters to people of science and big lenses and is always interviewed by the news. Of course I go for the big event, but there is so much more. Not only do we see all the historical places on the itinerary, but surprise stops are added along the way - including some shopping for those of us without really big lenses." -- Karen Isa, Pomona, CA


"I have been a customer of Twilight Tours since 1991, and have successfully seen six total solar eclipses in a row with Joel Harris' groups. As someone who has been involved with both amateur and professional astronomical pursuits, I appreciate the care that Joel puts into reviewing weather prospects and site selection for these time-critical events. The trips are also enjoyable for the many other repeat customers with whom I've traveled and made friends with." -- Jeffrey Schroeder, Azusa, CA


President and founder, Joel Harris, has been traveling throughout the world to observe solar eclipses since 1973 --- that's more than 40 years of eclipse chasing encompassing some 19 total eclipse events, and over an hour spent within the lunar shadow!!


Since Twilight Tours began operations in 1984, here are some interesting metrics to think about, as you consider our eclipse tour offerings:

  • Total number of Twilight Tours expedition participants: ~1100
  • Number of countries visited: 11
    • New Caledonia
    • Indonesia (2)
    • Mexico
    • Uruguay
    • Bolivia
    • Venezuela
    • Turkey (2)
    • Zambia (2)
    • Australia
  • Total number of air miles traveled by Twilight Tours groups: 200,000+
  • Accumulated duration of totality within the Moon's shadow by Twilight Tours tour members: ~45 minutes


We think our record speaks for itself. But rather than take our word for it, we suggest that you read what a few of our clients (some of whom have traveled with us many times on differing tours over the years) have to say about taking a Twilight Tours trip. Our travel philosophy boils down to three words: detail, service, and communication. Together, these three cornerstones combine to leave no doubt in our clients' minds when they tour with us.


To conclude, we invite you to consider our history, our special approach to tour operations, and our overarching vision: you are unique, you seek the "peak" experience of totality, and you want to be treated as an individual. Our tour groups are typically less than 100 persons -- ensuring that you won't get lost in an ocean of total strangers, many of whom you wouldn't get to know, as part of a huge tour group. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, and Clear Skies to you!

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