April 8, 2024
Total Solar Eclipse
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"The Great [North] American Eclipse" Part 2

On Monday, April 8th, 2024, another total eclipse of the sun will take place in the U.S., winding its way across the middle of the country, starting in southwest Texas, through Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Twilight Tours has already secured a block of deluxe hotel rooms under contract, at a renowned, 5 star hotel property in San Antonio, Texas, situated in the midst of the famous Riverwalk tourist neighborhood.

Additionally, we have "locked in" arrangements for a viewing site, using a permanent, fixed facility/premises that features restrooms, ample developed area for tour members to set up their cameras, tripods and telescopes, and rooms/sitting areas where people can relax and find relief from the elements. The facility will also provide on-site security personnel to watch over any equipment setups, left overnight, prior to the day of the eclipse.

Final negotiations are underway for provision of ground transportation to/from our hotel in San Antonio to our viewing area on the day of the event. The chosen venue will provide our group with ~ 4 minutes and 18 seconds of totality, at a solar altitude of 68° above the horizon.

For those interested in this most special eclipse program, we invite you to please contact our offices either by phone or email. Space for this trip is limited, and similar to our successful eclipse trip to Casper, WY in August of 2017, we anticipate being fully booked well before 2024...

Do NOT delay. Contact us for further details regarding this tour today!!

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