March 9, 2016
Total Solar Eclipse
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On Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, a total eclipse of the sun will take place in the Eastern hemisphere of the Earth. The eclipse will begin at sunrise just to the west of the large island of Sumatra, in the island nation of Indonesia. The eclipse track makes its first landfall just off the western shore of Sumatra, on the small island of Pagi Selatan, then quickly racing across Sumatra island itself.

The moon's shadow then proceeds to wend its way eastward, tracing a path just to the north of the main string of the Indonesian archipelago, just missing such notable islands as Java, Bali, Lombok, Komodo, and Timor. On the other hand, the umbral track for this eclipse travels across the huge island of Borneo, and the islands of Sulawesi (Celebes) and Maluku, before moving out across the vast expanse of open Pacific Ocean that lies between New Guinea and the Hawaiian Islands.

Join Twilight Tours for what is certain to be an exotic, unusual, and memorable expedition to observe this eclipse event. The venue for this unique eclipse trip will be the in same location where we successfully witnessed the total eclipse of March 18th, 1988 --- south of the city of PankalPinang, on Bangka Island, which lies just to the east of the island of Sumatra.

In the 28 years that will have intervened since that 1988 eclipse tour, the infrastructure ---- particularly the indigenous hotel quality and creature comforts --- have improved by over an order of magnitude. New, clean, modern world-class properties operated by the Aston and Novatel hotel corporations have made Bangka a virtual travelers' dream, in contrast to the Spartan conditions that prevailed back in 1988...

With two previous eclipse tours to this fascinating, far-flung nation (in 1983 and 1988), Twilight Tours has ample knowledge and travel experience in Indonesia. We fully understand what it takes, when it comes to planning and operating a successful solar eclipse tour to this part of the world.

The best current estimate of seeing this eclipse from any one particular venue in Indonesia is approximately 45-50 percent. However, according to eclipse weather "guru" Jay Anderson on his "Eclipser" weather prognostication web site

"For those who prefer to observe from land, several small islands such as Bangka, Belitung, and Ternate offer the best prospects..."

Dont miss this opportunity to see what stands as the first total solar eclipse event that can be seen with a reasonable effort (and with a fair likelihood of observing it) since the November 2012 eclipse in Australia/the Coral Sea. As well, this eclipse will serve as an optimal warm up, for the great total eclipse taking place in the skies across the central United States, in August of 2017 ----- just over a year following this event.

Add to the eclipse itself, the exciting itinerary of this one week tour, from March 3rd to 10th, which includes such major "must see" sites such as Bali (Mas and Ubud artisan villages) and Yogyakarta (Borobudur, Keraton, the Monkey Forest, and the Kalasan and Prambanan temples), along with traditional cultural shows such as the Barong (Lion) Dance, and one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities, and it's easy to see that this will be journey that will forge wonderful memories for everyone that participates.

Please feel free to contact our offices, should you find you have questions not addressed by our itinerary listed here on our web site, or by the registration form below.

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